Hexo Markdown Tricks

Security problems

Commented text during writing post in the MD source file, like this

<!-- Hidden text will appear in html source code. -->

will still be accessible for readers.

It is insecure to hide sensitive information by commenting them out, in any circumstance.

VS Code Extensions for Hexo and Markdown

Extension Names Notes
Hexo Next Snippets
Hexo tag snippets
Vscode Hexo Utils
Insert Date String
Markdown All in One

Special for Hexo-theme-next

Use this line to include image:

<img src="{% asset_path FPKE_history.png%}" width="400px" title="caption">

General HTML

Add color to text

<span style="color:red">TEXT_COLORFUL</span>

Add background color to text

<span style="background-color:green">BACKGROUND_COLORFUL</span>