(2019 version) Excluding self-citation in Google Scholar

When you search “Excluding self-citation in Google Scholar” on Google, the first item is [By Brinxmat]. But unfortunately it does not work anymore, at least for me.

However, it gives me some insights and then I fiddling with Google Scholar a little bit. Now we have an easy solution.

This is the original citation link of one of my paper:
This link actually works:

As you see, the trick is still on the query except that it has been much more complicated than what Brinxmat found in 2010.

So, the manual solution is to:

  1. Open your google scholar profile.

  2. Click the cited by link for one paper, and figure out the cites ID in the address bar. Like the number string 17562392294963478550 in https://scholar.google.com/scholar?oi=bibs&hl=en&cites=17562392294963478550.

  3. Paste the ID in the following link


    and replace the author name H+Peng by your name, keep the plus sign.

  4. Done!

A little explanation:

  • After opening a cited by link, you will see a checkbox saying “Search within citing articles”, then check the box.
  • Then put -author:"H Peng" in the search box, then press Enter.
    (It is a short hyphen there, not dash. Pay attention to your input method.)
  • Then the above link address shows up.